Driven Hunts


Driven Hunts for Springbok

We are pleased to offer exclusive driven hunts for Springbok in the Karoo Desert located a good hour's drive north of our safari lodge.

The hunts take place in a carefully selected area covering several thousands hectares. The terrain alternates between low mountains and open plains with scattered vegetation.

It is a traditional driven hunt where the hunters are placed at strategically selected places, often in a low hide constructed of rocks. 

The animals are driven toward the hunters by a team of beaters either on foot or horseback. A drive normally lasts between three and four hours and it usually brings between 50 and 75 animals within shooting range of the hunters.

Driven hunts for Springbok are challenging and exciting sport that offers plenty of action. The result depends very much on the shooting abilities of the hunters. Normally each hunter can expect to bag between 5 and 20 Springboks per day.

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