The Lodge

Our luxurious safari lodge is situated high on a rocky hill centrally located in the beautiful Klipplaat grounds only two hours by car from Port Elizabeth International Airport.

From the lodge there is an unrestricted view over the beautiful landscape. I the distance the mountain surrounding the Karoo desert can be seen. It is in the Karoo that our driven hunts for Springbuck take place.

Immediately below the lodge there is a large pond, water filled all year round. This attracts a rich variety of game that comes to the pond to drink.

The lodge itself is newly constructed. It has been designed as a modern interpretation of a traditional African village. The thatched roofs give the buildings a unique appearance while providing perfect insulation from the sun to ensure a pleasant temperature inside.

The lodge is powered by our own solar panels that provide plenty of power to run the air-conditioning, refrigerators, freezers and other electrical equipment in the lodge. We also have our own fresh water supply, drawn from a deep well situated in a lush valley, far from any human activity. 

Our guests are lodged in separate huts that offer a comfortable lounge section with an open fireplace visible also from the bedroom section. The bedrooms are equipped with king size beds, a large wardrobe section with a built-in gun safe. From the bedroom there is access to a large and luxurious bathroom that offers all modern conveniences in addition to an elevated bathtub from where there is unrestricted view of the landscape. From the hut there is access to a private terrace with an outdoor shower and a built-down Jacuzzi.

All meals are served at the central house that offers a large open fireplace and a cosy bar. In front of the house there is a large terrace with access to a swimming pool that appears to connect directly to the deep blue sky above. Adjacent to the swimming pool there is a barbeque area situated on a steel balcony that juts straight out from the vertical cliffside high above the landscape and the pond below.

Internet and telephone

There is free access to Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) throughout the lodge area. Cell phone (mobile phone) coverage is provided via our own relay mast and cell phones can be used throughout our terrain.