Family safari with luxurious accommodation and hunting at a high ethical level




Recently we had the pleasure of hosting a family safari for Danish Helle and Peter Vagn-Jensen and their five children. The safari was a huge success with many top trophies including a sensational world record and additional four trophies that score high in the SCI record book.

All members of the Vagn-Jensen family – adults and children alike – are conscientious hunters and proficient rifle shooters. This certainly was an important element in ensuring the successful outcome of the safari. The family members all share the same attitude towards hunting; it is the total experience that counts. Rather bag an old experienced male animal than focusing exclusively on trophy size. Nonetheless, on this safari, the family members were successful in bagging several exceptional trophies.

All the trophies have now been officially measured, and in addition to a sensational new world record of the rare Scimitar Horned Oryx, four other trophies score high in the record book: Common Waterbuck, No. 4 in the record book; Black Wildebeest, No. 7; Steenbok, No. 17, and Cape Springbok, No. 47.