Side by Side Safaris invites clients for bow hunting in South Africa

Bow hunting is steadily increasing in popularity and many of our clients have asked for the opportunity to challenge their skills with bow and arrow at our game-rich Klipplaat grounds. Therefore, we have decided to open up for bow hunting on our safaris. Bow hunting can either take place as traditional footstalk for a specific animal – or as a "waiting game" from a hide constructed at a location on the grounds where there is activity of the desired animal. We also have a lightweight "pop-up" hide, which can be brought along on a stalk, ready to put up if a situation should occur where a blind will be of advantage.

We have recently successfully completed the first safaris with bow hunting clients – with excellent results. Several fine trophies were taken by our clients.

Contact us if you want to know more about bow hunting with Side by Side Safaris.