Trophy Hunting


Eastern Cape province is the answer to every trophy hunter's dreams. With six distinctively different biotopes. Eastern Cape offers a greater wildlife variety than any other area in South Africa – and all this richness of wildlife is available within a short distance from our safari lodge.

Within a short drive from our lodge we are able to offer hunting of more than 90 different game species including several rare and exotic species. Thanks to favourable climatic conditions, plenty of food resources and access to water all year round, the quality of our trophies is generally very good. The chances of collecting record-book trophies are equally good.

All our safari arrangements are conducted in the company of top qualified professional hunter guides. They are supported by a staff of highly skilled local trackers and other helpers. Some of our staff members are born and raised on the land and they know every corner of it like the back of their hand.

When an animal has been shot, specially trained skinners and taxidermy staff take over to ensure that all parts of the trophy is in perfect condition when it is delivered to the taxidermist.

We offer hunting of more than 90 different game species