Shipping of Trophies
We make sure that your trophies arrive home safely

It is very important to us that our clients' trophies arrive home safely, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. Our sister company, Diana Taxidermy, has more than 30 years' experience in handling trophies from all over the world. That is why we leave it to them to ensure that your trophies receive maximum attention from the moment you collect your trophy until it is delivered safely at your doorstep – wherever in the world that may be.

Well-reputed and experienced forwarding agent

Diana Taxidermy co-operate with a well-reputed and very experienced South African forwarding agent. They are more than capable of arranging the best possible means of transport and taking care of all matters relating to CITES permits, veterinary documents, insurance, etc. In co-operation with local forwarding agents, they also see to it that your trophies are customs cleared at their destination and subsequently safely delivered to you.

Local bureaucracy

In South Africa, it is extremely important to work with a forwarding agent that is experienced in navigating through the local bureaucracy associated with handling and shipping hunting trophies. There are many documents and forms that have to be correctly filled in and many formalities that must be observed in order to ensure a trouble-free home transport of your trophies.

Get a quotation

When your trophies are ready for shipment, you will receive a quotation from us covering all aspects of the home transport. Normally you will receive a quotation both for sea and land transport and for air transport. Air transport is usually only slightly more expensive than sea and land transport; on the other hand it is safer and considerably faster. The decision is, however, yours.

We keep you updated

During the whole process of the home transport of your trophies; you will be kept updated from Diana Taxidermy via e-mail. You will also receive photos of the packaging of your trophies and the loading of them when the forwarding agent picks them up from us.

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